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Combining the finest natural ingredients, purest extracts and essential oils – Aromatherapy Associates has been at the forefront of aromatherapy for over 30 years. Experience a luxurious treatment using natural healing powers to rebalance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


  • The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience£90/90mins

Your chosen oil will be used to stimulate the nervous system. Special massage techniques will relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage to encourage healthy circulation. This is an intense head to toe massage to dissolve away all stress and tension with a fusion of eastern and western techniques.

  • Ultimate Detox Reviver £85/75mins

An invigorating treatment specially designed for those who are looking for an intensive body detox. Exfoliate, body brush, mask, pressure point reflexology finishing with luxurious layering of Revive products. Revive oil blend of refreshing grapefruit, stimulating rosemary and diuretic juniper will leave you feeling revitalised and your skin will appear bright, smooth and silky.

  • Intensive Muscle Release £80/75mins

An intensive massage that works deep into stiff, tight, aching muscles to instantly release pain and tension. Black pepper, rosemary and ginger warm the muscles to help disperse the build up of lactic acid. Calming lavender soothes and is anti- inflammatory.

  • Renew Rose Foot and Leg Treatment £45/30mins

Rose oils and nourishing products are used to restore feet and lower legs. Exfoliating massage and layering of rose renew products to leave you floating on air.

  • Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Massage £80/75mins

Feel nurtured and supported in a time of constant change. Your body is soothed and your skin is pampered with nourishing rose oils. The full body massage is designed to answer the developing needs of mother and baby.

  • Renew Rose Hand and Arm Treatment £45/30mins

A combination of rose oils to deeply exfoliate, massage and layered to nourish dry hands and arms.

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