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Exclusive to selected salons worldwide, Guinot facials are tailored to your skin type and use the latest advances in treatment technology to target your skincare concerns. With hands-on and high-tech treatments available, there is Guinot facial to suit all ages and skin types.



  • Hydradermie £80/60mins

The Star Treatment
Adapted to your skin type and concerns, this unique innovation enables fast and deep penetration using double ionisation technology combined with active ingredients, for exceptional results.

  • Hydradermie Age Logic £90/75mins

The Anti-Ageing Star Treatment
Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth, this specially designed anti-ageing Hydradermie facial puts extra focus on the eye contour, neck and décolleté for an all-encompassing age defying result.

  • Hydradermie Lift £80/55mins

The Instant Lifting Treatment
This lift treatment works to stimulate the facial muscles to deliver visible improvement in tone and definition of the facial contours. An incredible “ lift effect” after just a few treatments.

  • Hydradermie Lift Express £55/30mins

The Express Lift Treatment
For those in a hurry and need a quick result. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation restoring a youthful tone to the complexion.

  • Hydradermie Lift Deluxe £130/90mins

The Ultimate Lifting Treatment
A combination of the Hydradermie Age Logic and the Hydradermie Lift for the ultimate lifting effect. Immediate contouring results thanks to facial muscle stimulation, firming active ingredients and age-defying techniques.

  • Eye Lift £65/40mins

The Ultimate Eye Treatment
Designed to help reduce signs of ageing and fatigue. The eyelids will appear lifted and wrinkles and lines smoothed. Puffiness and dark circles will be reduced.

Course of 3 one week apart £180 – payment due at end of 1st treatment

  • Hydraclean £45/30mins

The Deep Cleaning Treatment
The perfect introduction to regular skincare. This 30 minute deep clean treatment uses a unique combination of a hands-on massage and the Thermo clean patented device to rid the skin of its impurities, whilst warming and relaxing the skin. With different prescriptive versions and a personalised massage skin, instantly appears brighter and clearer, with a radiant complexion.



  • Age Summum £95/50mins

The Anti-ageing Treatment
The pinnacle of anti-ageing treatments, enriched with highly concentrated vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and pro-collagen to firm facial tissues to combat skin slackening. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin using an exclusive anti-ageing facial massage. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, restoring a youthful radiance.

  • Lift Summum £95/50mins

The Firming And Lifting Treatment
A firming treatment that immediately reduces signs of fatigue, focusing on the face, neck and décolleté. The unique stimulating massage visibly lifts and firms while the active collagen helps improve elasticity. The anti-wrinkle eraser diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and the unique mask restores a youthful appearance to the face and décolleté.

  • Hydra Peeling £80/45mins

The Skin Renewal Treatment
Guinot created the Hydra Peeling treatment to reduce signs of ageing, improve the complexion and reduce dark spots. This treatment is a bona fide alternative to aesthetic medicine, offering visible results and radiance after just one treatment.

  • Detoxygene Treatment £65/50mins

The Anti-pollution Treatment
Ideal for those who are exposed to atmospheric pollution or have a stressful busy lifestyle. This anti-pollution treatment is ideal for a dull or lifeless skin. A detoxifying Green Clay mask absorbs toxins, incorporating a Re-Oxygenating massage to leave the skin fresh and clear.



  • Complete Youth
  • 1 a week for 3 weeks £250

Wk1/ Hydradermie Age logic. Wk2/ Age Summum.
Wk3/ Hydradermie Lift.
For the ultimate anti-ageing treatment course, 1 manual and 2 machine treatments are combined to enhance and complement each other for visible results. This trio of treatments will help you reveal radiance, leave skin firmer and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Global Rejuvenating
  • 1 a week for 4 weeks £360

Wk1/ Age Summum. Wk2/ Lift Summum. Wk3/ Age Summum.
Wk4/ Lift Summum.
The ultimate in skin rejuvenating. The alternations of these facials deliver the latest skin renewal technology. The treatments work in tandem to target the sign of fatigue, ageing and loss of firmness using Hyaluronic acid, Pro collagen and Collagen for an improved lasting effect on fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Complete Lifting
  • 1 a week for 3 weeks £220

Wk1/ Lift Summum. Wk2/ Hydradermie Lift. Wk3/ Eye Lift.
The ultimate facial course for those wanting to firm and lift the facial contours. By stimulating the facial muscles and applying active ingredients the skin regains it’s tone and surface wrinkles are faded to reveal a “sculpted” lifted and more youthful skin.

  • Guinot Eye Lift Course
  • 1 a week for 3 weeks £185

*Courses one week apart. Payment is due at the end of the first treatment. Guinot products are prescribed specially for you by your therapist to enhance and prolong the effects of your treatment.


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